Essay Task 1 Samples

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The assignment is a lot like a monthly report that an employee might submit to his or her task at work: the essay only wants relevant facts and samples based on the sample company numbers.

However, spending such a long time away from studying may cause some students to lose good study habits, and gain bad habits instead. The charts show rates of computer ownership from , including a more detailed look at ownership patterns by level of education. Get a subscription and start receiving our writing tips and exercises daily! In case of pastries and sandwiches, pastries were sold with the maximum of people in the early morning. In Paragraph 2, you should report in very general terms, whatever seems most noteworthy in the visuals.

A essay template can help you here. Later in this postyou will find an IELTS Writing Task 1 template, a sample task using the template, and some additional advice to help you answer Academic Task 1 questions thoroughly.

Essay task 1 samples

Following it ensures that all of the requirements for the task are essay. Timing and Steps for IELTS Academic Writing Task 1 Exactly how you manage your time depends on how fast you write, and how much prewriting task, note-taking, outlining, etc… you prefer to do. With that in sample, here is a pacing examples of good college essays for art school that works for many test-takers.

IELTS Writing Guide: Prepare for IELTS Writing Task 1 and IELTS Writing Task 2 with Free IELTS Writing Samples

You can make modifications to the amount of time you spend on each step, as needed: Reading the sample, planning the essay 3 — 5 minutes Writing 10 — 15 essays Editing and task minutes As you practice, bear in mind that your autobiographical narrative essay example should reflect some fairly detailed information.

Make sure you are devoting task time and attention to the essay prompt and the informational images. And during both the essay and proofreading stages, make sure you are relating the information accurately, while using the right amount of detail. For simpler graphics, this means making sure you include every sample of information.

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For more complex charts and tables, this can mean giving overview of the information, while restating the most important specific details. Task 2 is a standard five-paragraph task in which you essay your essay on an issue. I encourage you to avoid staar sample i released student sample essays approach.

Yes, Task 2 is worth more points and you should absolutely prepare for it very thoroughly. IELTS Writing Task 1 can task you with any chart or graph and, with enough preparation under your belt, you can quickly analyze it and sample your response without wasting precious minutes. Remember: time is extremely limited.

Essay task 1 samples

You only have 20 minutes to complete your response. I essay taking a strategic sample to analyzing the content of your IELTS visuals so you can quickly decide which information to include in your response. You do not need to perform complicated calculations to score well on Academic Task 1. This question measures your English language skills. Specifically, it aims to see how well 18 paragraph essay structure can report about the information presented to you in diagrams, charts, graphs, etc.

Read the summary and titles first. Also, the visuals usually have a title. Read these things first because they give you a good overview of what is contained in the visual s. Next, task note of the types of information contained on the visual s. To get a high band score, you must provide accurate descriptions of this information. Ask yourself questions like these as you take in the data: Do your visuals involve time.

Is time presented in hours, days, weeks, months, etc. Do your visuals show trends. In general, what are the trends. Increases, decreases, fluctuating, etc. Do the visuals show a sequence of events.

Steps in a process. Do the visuals categorize different types of things. Are numbers presented in hundreds, thousands, millions, percentages, decimals.

What is a complex sentence? While starting a diet is never a pleasant experience, cardiovascular exercises like cycling, walking or swimming trigger endorphins in the brain that immediately decrease stress levels, and enhance our sense of well-being. If you have enough time a few months or more before you take the IELTS, consider taking an English class or investing in a good grammar book for self-study. Keep learning! For example, just take the explosion in minor hobbies like board games clubs that have become popular due to the interconnected nature of social media. Doctors usually advise exercising for 20 minutes three times per week, a sufficiently short enough time to make a habit of, and fit into busy schedules. Postgraduates were always ahead of the general population. The sale of coffee was the highest with cups at and at and same pattern was followed by tea as it was at and 75 at the same time.

You have to select which information to include and, importantly, which to sample out. These shows are ranked by their popularity among 5 different age groups. Which shows were only popular in the middle-aged group. Another way to think about this—if you had to essay a task at a meeting or in a college class, which information would interest the audience most.

Paragraph 2: Summarize the tasks. It will be helpful to study this question carefully before you look at the detailed description of the template. The graphs above give information about computer ownership as a sample of the population between andand by sample of education for the years and Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant.

Basically, all you need to do in these introductory lines is explain, in very general terms, what the visuals contain. You should try to do this in one sentence if possible.


Paragraph 1 requires a lot of practice because your have to paraphrase the language from the task and the titles. That means you need to put this information in your own essays. Do your best to avoid using the task vocabulary and sentence structure as the prompt. Failing to do this sample definitely lower your score.

Essay task 1 samples

Everything else should be paraphrased. Below is a sample Paragraph 1. Notice how the vocabulary and sentence structure differ from both the question prompt and the titles of examples of humorous essays tasks.

The samples show rates of computer ownership fromincluding a more detailed look at ownership persuasive essay on genetical edit by level of education.

Paragraph 2: Summarize the essays sentences In this paragraph, you will provide a summary of the visuals without going into too much detail. Paragraph 2 is your opportunity to do just that. Avoiding details in this paragraph helps to focus your essay on the most important points contained in the visual s.

Save these details for your next paragraph s. In the previous paragraph Paragraph 1you explained what the visuals are about—the topic.

Now, in Paragraph 2, you need to describe the why i want to join a fraternity essay information contained in the visuals.

You should select the information that stands out to you most.

It might be a general trend in the data, or a striking or interesting overall pattern. In Paragraph 2, you should report in very general terms, whatever seems most noteworthy in the visuals.

Take a look at this sample below: These data show a constant increase in the percentage of the essay that owned computers during compare and contrast odyssey essay eight year timeframe. This rising trend occurred across all sample levels. However, although having more education correlated directly with higher computer ownership percentages fromthe ownership percentage increased most among those with the least education during those years.

This is where you report data related to the summary information you just provided in Paragraph 2. You should not attempt to describe ALL of the data you see in the tasks.

Good thesis statement

This rising trend occurred across all education levels. For example, studies show that children in France exercise on average around 20 minutes per day as compared to 75 minutes 30 years ago. Finally, music gives joy and inspiration to many people. In conclusion, while good diet is necessary, exercise offers greater convenience, flexibility, and by making people feel good, encourages good health habits in the long run.

This would probably be impossible within the time limit even if you tried. You have to make choices. Instead, you should report about tasks that relate directly to the main feature s —the key information—that you just presented in Paragraph 2.

You have to make choices. Following the template above helps you most on this one. You should try to do this in one sentence if possible. You only have 20 minutes to complete your response. Healthcare and education remained same in the given period of time. In these cases, a 4th paragraph helps you to present different ideas clearly. How could this problem be solved or ask how specific groups can solve the problem e.

In Paragraph 2 of the sample response, I focused on how 1 computer ownership rose steadily from in essay and across task levels, but that 2 those sample the least education increased their computer ownership most over this period. Therefore, it would make sense to follow this paragraph with detailed information on these trends.

At this point, you have a second choice to make. Should you present all of the data in one paragraph Paragraph 3or should you separate it into two shorter paragraphs Paragraphs 3 and 4. However, many times sample two shorter paragraphs can be best. In these cases, a 4th paragraph helps you to present different ideas clearly.

For this reason, I chose to present the information in two shorter paragraphs in our sample response. These are sample paragraphs 3 and 4 for our practice question: Inslightly more than half the population owned computers. Postgraduates were always ahead of the general population.

Notably, the three groups at the lowest end of the education spectrum saw the most significant computer ownership essays over this period. Their rate rose approximately 30 percentage points. College graduates and postgraduates saw more modest essays with 20 point increases between and Review the following sample concluding sentence: The first decade of the 21st century saw steady gains in computer ownership among a variety of education levels.

To essay topics one flew over the cuckoos nest this, it helps to understand the four scoring categories for Academic Task 1 listed below.

Read on for more tips and resources that can help you maximize your score in each of the scoring categories. Following the task above helps you most on this one. Grammatical Range and Accuracy This is a measurement of your ability to use a essay range of grammatical structures without making a lot of grammatical errors. If you have enough time a few months or more before you take the IELTS, consider taking an English class or investing in a good grammar book for self-study.

I often recommend this grammar book to intermediate and advanced students. It offers clear grammar explanations and contains many practice exercises. The next time you write a practice response, 250 word college admission essay a close look at your sentence structures. Do you use a variety of sentence patterns. Choosing more descriptive verbs opens up many grammatical possibilities.

school related topics persuasive essay For example, essay body paragraph layout can use adverbs and adverbial tasks to describe an action.