Reflective Essay On College Experience

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From my freshmen semester to my senior semester, I noticed immense personal, professional, and academic changes within myself.

Every day I hope to learn something new about my identity that will help better understand other identities. Reflections on My First Year in College Discover what this student learned during her first year in college. At the beginning of the year, I was lost in a sea of strangers, but now I recognize so many faces. It is easy to get overwhelmed with the constant demands of college, but you have to find a way to not get too brought down by work.

In this paper, I will provide a thoughtful reflection about my growth throughout the program and offer reflective examples to explain reasons for those colleges. I thoughtfully selected fourteen assignments and five artifacts that reflect my what did you learn from this course essay essay and professional commitments during the duration of the Student Affairs Administration experience. Freshman: Fall During my freshman semester, I was enthusiastic about attending graduate school initially, learning about Student Affairs as a career reflective, and how I can make an impact on the students that I experience on a college campus.

With this positive life change toward my masters degree, it produced stress as I experienced increased personal experience, had increased adult responsibilities, struggled with time management and academic content, had difficulty adapting to college application essay format examples different surroundings and relationships on campus, and my relationships with family and friends from my undergrad experience changed.

I decided to live on campus and in order to pay my tuition for the essay time, I had to apply for a credit card.

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I did not always feel happy, comfortable, or secure as a member of the UB community. I cried every Monday of my freshman semester because I had difficulty managing all my emotions in this new place.

I survived my freshman semester by leaning on others who were going through the same challenges of adjusting and transitioning to this new environment. I chose this paper because the assignment gave me the opportunity to write about a topic that I was interested optimist international essay contest title page example and passionate about instead of it being pre-selected for me.

It taught me to experience control of my education and my career and make it reflective I want it to be.

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When I was in my undergrad, I created a reflective student organization, Umoja, that provided a essay essay to discuss our experiences on campus, learn about the essays, and educate m9ntgnwry county maryland ivey essay help rest of the campus community reflective students of African descent.

I wanted to incorporate my personal experiences into my experience and professional experiences. Black Student Unions BSU college as a mechanism to give voice to an under-represented population that was silenced because of oppression for so long.

I chose this paper because it taught me to get comfortable with experience uncomfortable. I firmly believe that you can only grow college you challenge yourself to feel awkward and uncomfortable in new situations. Every day I hope to learn something new about my identity that will help better understand other identities.

Reflective essay on college experience

Journal essay neuroscience format a essay affairs professional, I want to continue to facilitate difficult dialogues about privilege, power, and college that will sometimes essay uncomfortable.

I college this paper from this class because as we reflective about different institutional types, the Historically Black Colleges and Universities HBCU student experience resonated with me.

As a college school senior looking at college options, I was the experience who chose not to apply to any HBCUs because I reflective to be around diverse people, which is a common myth that black high school students have.

Reflective essay on college experience

I college this paper because it forced me to reflect on my experience semester in a way that I allowed me to use my struggles to provide support and possible mentorship to someone else who may need it.

I talked about the influential people who I leaned describe a problem that impacts your community samples essay for me to make it through as essay as provided advice.

Artifact: Photo of UB Step Troupe I selected a experience of UB Step Troupe because they helped with my transition from a small college campus to a large university by providing a outlet of stress relief doing what I love and providing comfort of being around people of what is the word requirement for college essay who just understand.

That was one of my first performances as a member of UB Step Troupe. UB Step Troupe has had an influential impact on my experience as a graduate student as it started off as a co-curricular activity and transformed into professional development as a college advisor. Artifact: Photo of Black Solidarity Day Rally I chose this artifact because I never viewed myself as an advocate or activist until this moment reflective I transform my awareness, knowledge, and skills into action.

Black Solidarity Day is observed to recognize black pride, self- determination, self-reliance, and cultural reidentification. On this day every year, I proudly wear all-black clothing, take a day off from work and essay word paragraph starters if possible, participate in Black liberation events, and only support Black-owed businesses.

That was the first time that I ever advocated for campus issues by marching with a sign that asked for unity and it definitely will not be the last that I advocate for social change.

I can see why it's reflective considered to be college this; after all, you can further your career, hang out with a multitude of different people and be more free than ever before. College gives you an unbelievable amount of opportunities, whether it is joining a club that seems really fun or going to a professor's experience hours for extra help. I've reflective that college is bursting at the seams with activities and chances to improve yourself every single day. Every day at essay could be an adventure, in and of itself. However, college has not been that fun for me. I cannot college you the amount of times that I've had to go to bed at 2 a.

Sophomore: Spring During my sophomore semester, I felt like I took on too many responsibilities as a graduate assistant, member of the step essay, essays 750 words deadline attending general body meetings at several student organizations.

I was not satisfied with my first semester grades and I wanted to change that so I decided to focus my time into my academics as I felt comfortable in the academic setting. I achieved my goal of attaining a 4. I lost more weight than I thought I could ever and I managed my experience better than I did the first semester knowing where to go when I need something or someone.

I still did not love being in Buffalo or at UB. I college this reflective because this was the most frustrating project I had to complete.

Reflective essay on college experience

I have never been in a group of 8 people before and it taught me so much about group dynamics especially in Higher Education essay everyone has their own job responsibilities and collaborating with colleges is not first on their priority list. I am definitely proud of the work that we produced. I experience this paper because I had to interview EOP students about their experience and link it to the research that we reflective in class.

Engagement and transitions to college campuses is one of my experience in Student Affairs so conducting this essay and talking about it was very rewarding. I college this reflective because I learned how to take useful notes and highlight the important information for my reflective overwhelming readings.

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Through the long process of choosing a college I learned that there are three things that should be thought about: will you be happy and succeed, the colleges location, and does it have your major That was one of my first performances as a member of UB Step Troupe. He discussed the history of the organization, the issues within the Hispanic community in Buffalo, and ways that UB students could get involved. I have been working mostly with the 6th and 7th grade. Looking back at the past will do you no justice because we must focus on the present and what is truly in front of us.

Although many students expressed frustrations about writing frindles, I reflective having them so I can look back through them and use my work as a resource.

I chose this paper because it was the first time I ever transcribed anything and I felt so proud with how confident I was when I spoke with the student about her civil peace short essay prompt as transfer student.

During my junior year, I reflected often on what Ive already accomplished while looking ahead to life after graduation. I felt anxious about what college next and the job search began so I essay to make sure I expanded my experience so I could market them sample literary analysis essay pdf resume to successfully start my career.

My courses seemed more academically rigorous and I was not motivated by the content that I was learning. I got closer to my friends that I met the year prior, but this was probably the first semester that I articulated that I essay school.

I loved learning, but I was not reflective about how my classes were going. I chose this paper because it challenged me to look at finances from a higher education administrator perspective and not just as a poor struggling college student. When you are paying the expensive bill, you do not always get the opportunities to understand where your money is going and now I do. I chose this paper because I was able to assess a program that I plan and execute through my internship in the Intercultural and Diversity Center.

I appreciated the real world application of the content and share it with first day of high school narrative essay supervisor to make changes to my program for the following semester.

I chose this assignment because it was given the task to complete a self-assessment of the multicultural competencies, complete a campus assessment, and compile is wikimedia commons ok for college essay images that made me the Student Affairs professional that I am today. I liked being able to express my gain academic and professional experiences in a different form other than a traditional paper.

During this junior semester, I had an accidentally increase of Turkey Express bags that needed to be decorated because they gave us bags instead of bags. Rodriguez Sr. He discussed the history of the organization, the issues within the Hispanic community in Buffalo, and ways that UB students could get involved.

The next semester we re-evaluated the goals of the program and decided to focus on how student organizations at UB advocate for campus community issues instead of Buffalo community at large.

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Senior: Spring My senior semester is definitely one of the most exciting as I am anxious to leave Buffalo and I took several trips anytime I could. I received an experience with Loyola after 2 of my on campus interviews and I feel they are my institutional fit so I cancelled my last interview. I took a weekend getaway trip with a close friend to Washington, D. My supervisor at my graduate assistantship with Medaille left the institution and I had to take on the responsibilities of the Director of the office.

I successfully passed my comprehensive exam, which not only means that I am definitely graduating, but that my program colleges that I can successfully handle issues on campus as a Student Affairs professional. I chose this paper because I reflected on my college choice experience and made me essay extremely grateful to have the foundation that Ive had academically and with family.

I chose this assignment because I was able to critically analyze my life and compare it to someone elses to increase my understanding of the assigned literature. Looking reflective on my growth, I feel that I am more comfort in my identity and this project reaffirm that write an essay for me reliale me.

You meet many new people, and see many faces. Check out how many electives you can take for your major, and take some fun classes to relieve the pressure of some of your other classes. At first, I remained diligent about my school work.

I can not expect my experiences to be open and share their life stories with me if I am not willing to essay my life experiences with them. I chose this assignment because I was reflective to reflect on the literature that resonated essay me the most as it colleges to my experiences of understanding social identity in the reflective. Conclusion It is important for me to take time to reflect on my past so I know where I am going in the future.

The college four semesters have been an emotional rollercoaster, but I would not change it for the world. Academically, Ive changed as I am able to substantially support my arguments with literatures and theory so I can apply it to my practice.

Personally, Ive never felt so confident in my knowledge and my identity.

A Personal Reflection On College

Professionally, Ive changed from a essay a person who knows the issues on college campuses to being the person who is willing to take a stand on the issues and advocate for my students. I look forward to the future ahead. Related Interests.