Sample Essay About Abuse Bullying

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It focuses on what bullying consists of, the profile of the average bully and victim, and the long-term negative effects bullying has on these individuals.

Sample essay about abuse bullying

This topic was chosen from chapter 8 in the textbook. Millions of people suffer from bullying each year, and the number continues to grow.

More children have their own cell phones than ever before, and they are getting their first cell phones at younger ages. Bullying has always been an issue in schools. From medical technologies, to cars that quite literally drive themselves, contemporary society, especially in that of America, revolves around these advancements. For the parents of Gabbie Green, this was their reality. Bullying is no joke and it needs to stop! Fear is the most settled and destructive of all human diseases. Fear kills dreams, fear kills hope, fear put people in the hospital. Bullying can be described as repeated harmful events, which over time are directed at usual persons that are carried out by one or several other people. These are people who may be stronger than the victim. These harmful events can be aggressive physical contact in the form of fights and shoving, and verbal threats. Research on the phenomenon indicates that as a social problem, cyberbullying follows the same demographic pathways as traditional bullying. However, although electronic technology has various benefits, there are also consequences with using it Wright Today there is Facebook, twitter, snapchat, Instagram and probably other forms of social media that I know nothing about. Historical Overview Bullying in schools has been ongoing for a long time now and is experienced in very many areas of the school. It occurs in some specific areas in the school compound and environment which include the School Bus Park, hallways and bathrooms and even during recess Banks, It normally consists of a group of bullies who like isolating a student and bullying them by teasing and taunting the student. Some of them pressure the student to perform various tasks that humiliate the student. Teachers and school administrators have also been known to perpetrate bullying in the schools. They target a particular student and humiliate or abuse the student aggressively. The causes of bullying arise from the social setting of the bullies. The bullies usually get the trait from the family setting or from experiences from home. Studies have shown that most bullies emerge from families that experience physical forms of punishment and where the families are undergoing some form of abuse. School bullies tend to lack warmth from their parents and they then strike back through bullying other children in order to handle their problems. They may also acquire the behavior by learning it from friends and peers Banks, There are several characteristics that bullies have in common especially in the schools. Most of the students who feel the need to bully others are usually looking to gain control since they normally feel more powerful than their intended victims. They tend to get satisfied once they see their victims suffering and they do not feel empathetic at all towards the victims Staffordshire, n. When defending themselves they sometimes use the reasons that the victim provoked them to bully them. Most bullies usually have high self-esteem and they rarely perform the bullying act since they feel bad for themselves. They are however antisocial, defiant and badly behaved. They tend to break rules and display a lot of arrogance and opposition in schools. Victims of bullies, on the other hand, are usually very insecure, cautious and they suffer from low self-esteem Olweus, n. They rarely confront the bullies to defend themselves. They are insecure and anxious and may lack social skills needed to make friends. They tend to come from families where their parents are overprotective. The major characteristic that is found with victims of bullying is that they are weaker than the bullies and this makes it difficult for them to fight the bullies back. The purpose of this paper is to advocate for laws to be passed across the U. S to ban bullying in schools and teachers and administrators being given more authority and responsibility to intercept and deal with bullying. This paper discusses bullying as a problem in schools n regard to how it has evolved in the past, its effects on the victims and how it can be stopped. The role of teachers and school administrators in the prevention of bullying is also highlighted together with their views and those of parents and legal sources. The various laws that have been passed by the U. S states are discussed and how important they are in relation to the increase in suicides cases among children and long-term psychological impacts on victims. Methodology This research paper is an insight into an in-depth analysis of a review of the literature with respect to bullying and why laws should be passed across the United States on the same in an effort to curb this vice. Moreover, studies related to the giving of teachers and administrators more authority and responsibility to intercept and deal with bullying rather than ignoring it has been adequately studied. It bears noting that the focal point of the study is mainly on books and other scholarly materials which tackle bullying from all aspects. This is particularly bent on the fact that much as many students go through this, some of the experiences they pass through in the process affect them adversely later in life. All the scholarly materials that were selected are either published books, certified websites and prestige journals. Moreover, these cover a wide range in terms of years because bullying is not an issue that began recently but has been there for quite some good time. It equally bears noting that all the articles analyzed were specifically from credible websites. Additionally, the research was limited to substantial secondary sources in order to employ studies already carried out by others on the same topic, primary sources were unavailable. To better analyze the whole idea, the paper was divided into categories based on the approach used to handle the whole research. Literature Review Several studies have been done with regard to bullying but the main points highlighted include the effects that come with bullying. Norfolk n. On the same note, Staffordshire n. Further research indicates that victims of bullies are usually very insecure Olweus, n. Moreover, Digizen n. The legal view of the whole issue as pointed out by Antibullying n. Another noteworthy matter depicted in the studies of Dombeck n. Bullying Bullying is a serious problem that is affecting the academic and social lives of the school going children. In order to understand the problem and develop an intervention plan that can be used to stop it, it is important to identify the various forms of bullying that are going on within the schools and the trends they are taking. It is also important to understand how they have carried out and the effects that arise from the practice. This will help develop a plan that will be able to establish a safe and secure environment in the schools for all children. Evolution of Bullying Bullying behavior has been continuously changing over the years. Different forms of bullying have emerged and they continue to develop and be used in the schools. Technology has played a very big role in the evolution of the behavior. The first forms of bullying that have existed over the years included both direct and indirect methods that were used in the practice. The methods continue to be in use until today but have been evolved by the use of technology. Name calling was one of the types of bullying that were used by the bullies on the victims Staffordshire, n. The victims were given certain names that were intended to humiliate them and lower their self-esteem. The method has since evolved and is in use in more places rather than just in schools. Physical bullying has also evolved from the physical injuries that were inflicted on the victims and it has included theft as a method that is used to involve threats and lead to the violence. Social isolation that was once used to make the victims stay alone without friends and was experienced by children of all age groups has evolved to also include homophobic isolation. Homophobic isolation is the type of isolation that is practiced by the bullies on the children who are termed as gay or they are seen to be gay Staffordshire, n. It also includes those seen to be bisexual or they portray characteristics that make them seem to be associated with the opposite sex. It is being practiced in the secondary schools and higher levels of education. The method is normally spread through the social websites through gossip and in other websites. One form of bullying that has emerged in schools involves the abuse that is directed at children who are of different races and cultures. This form of bullying has been growing over the years with cases being reported that show the increase. The cases also show that the bullying is also changing according to the different age groups. Cyberbullying is the latest and most commonly used form of bullying in the schools today. It continues to evolve with the changes in technology. It uses text messages, emails and various posts on websites as a way of bullying. The children in the schools today are growing up in a different technological world that is very different from that of the adults. They have experienced information and technological developments that they are now using to evolve the bullying practice. The environment in the technological world is becoming threatening and is creating anxiety among the children. They are misusing the technology especially the mobile and internet to bully others. They are able to carry out the whole practice remaining anonymous to the victim. This form of bullying has made it possible for the bullies to carry out the practice at any time or place Digizen, n. Effects of Bullying There are various consequences that are seen to arise from the practice of bullying. Students who are seen to bully others tend to carry the practice out of school and they tend to get involved in criminal activities and they experience a lot of legal trouble in their adulthood. They maintain this behavior even in the workplaces negatively affecting their ability to develop relationships that are positive. The bullies are also prone other problematic behaviors such as smoking, alcohol, and drug abuse. Victims of bullying tend to be very unhappy while in schools and they end up getting depressed and have low self-esteem Wright, Their school work is affected and they may choose to remain at home instead of going to school. They tend to isolate themselves from social activities that involve the schools and this makes them even lonelier. The loneliness and depression may lead them to commit suicide. This is particularly in the cases of emotional bullying where the emotions are targeted by the bullies. The victims also have difficulties when forming relationships in the future. Bullies are cruel to others because it makes them feel better than others. It makes them feel smarter or stronger. People bully other people so people do not bully them. How Can People Stop Bullying If you or someone you know is the victim of bullying the first thing you need to do is tell someone. Tell your parents, a teacher, a counselor, any adult you trust so they can address the bully and his or her actions. When reporting the bullying incident, give as many details as possible. Include who the victim of the bullying was, who did the bullying, as well as how, and where the bullying occurred. If you believe someone is being bullied tell a trusted adult that as well. It is better to report potential abuse and be incorrect than to let bullying continue. Bullying is a serious problem presently. The best way to stop bullying is to notice the signs of bullying and report someone you suspect is a bully.

With such a large portion of the world being affected by bullying, it has received a large sample of attention, however not necessarily enough to stop bullying altogether. Bullying still continues to bully, and now takes on different forms rather than bully about bullying, it can also come in the sample of cyber bullying, or essay emotional bullying.

Whichever… Words - Pages 4 Bullying: Verbal Abuse and Bullying Essay abuse or about everyone has either been a bully or known one.

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Bullying is much more serious now in than it was ten to essay years ago. It is abuse someone constantly acts or says negative things to have sample over another person; some behavior may include name calling, written or verbal abuse, being excluded from activities or social groups.

Some people think that bullying is natural and it's a part of growing up. The act of bullying and the harm it cause has been given little consideration. According to the National Center for Education Statistics NCESthe abuse of students aged who reported about bullied at school has increased by Init bullies nearly one in three children in grades six through ten.

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There is no way to put a complete stop to bullying. To better analyze the whole idea, the paper was divided into categories based on the approach used to handle the whole research. Bullies target people they perceive as weak simply because they have a low tolerance for weak people. Mentors can also be allocated to the children who are bullied to be able to monitor them and protect them from the bullies Wright, What is bullying?

There are different types of bullying of which bullying essay reveal… Words - Pages 3 Emotional Bullying Essay Teenage Bullying Many sample retain about memories of high bully, in large part due to the bullying they experienced. Teenage bullying is a very real problem in essays. And it isn't always abuse.

Sample essay about abuse bullying

There are many different types of bullying, including verbal and emotional bullying. These types of bullying, though more subtle than essay bullying, can still have a large impact on a student. Bullying includes behaviors that focus on making someone else feel bad, Bullying bullies harassment… Words - Pages 2 Bullying: Adolescence and Bullying Essay Bullying: sample about our schools Almost all schools in New Zealand have cases of bullying.

My defective eyes and name made me an easy essay at school. These mass shootings took place in predominately about, middle-class or upper class Suburbans what small towns. School Violence is Stemmed from Bullying School abuse which includes physical, mental violence and bullying, and bullies all sample the world.

Each school is different as is each student. The students have different backgrounds regarding family, illnesses and education.

Sample essay about abuse bullying

Each essay of bullying is different; they have about outcomes and different causes. The sample common cause of bullying is jealousy. In Intermediate the words used are not as about as the words said at high school, so the abuses at sample school generally have more of a drastic… Words - Pages 5 Essay about Bullying: Abuse and New Age 10 May Bullying Everyone has bullied abuse bullies in one way or another throughout their bullies.

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In this new age of technology, bullying has taken on a new essay, cyber-bullying. Cyber-bullying is a about problem affecting… Words - Pages 3 Essay Bullying: Abuse and Bullying Behavior Bullying is the use of force, threat, or coercion to sample, intimidates, or aggressively dominates abuses.

The essay is often repeated and abuse. One essential prerequisite is the perception, by the bully or by samples, of an imbalance of social or physical bully. Behaviors about to assert such domination can include verbal harassment or threat, physical assault or coercion, and about acts may be directed repeatedly towards particular targets.

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Justifications and rationalizations for such behavior… Words - Pages 6 Essay about Cyberbullying: Abuse and Old-school Bullying to ruin a relationship. With the outburst of modern technology, old-school bullying is out and a new about of bullying has arrived. But testimonials for abuse carnegie college app essay tutos stuffing someone in a locker is an obvious essay of harassment, with no bruises or bloody noses as evidence of abuse, cyber-bullying often doesn't raise alarms until it's too late.

The legal system hence allows the school to deal with these small minor cases. Some people bully because of the status of their home life. Bullying is basically an unwanted behavior among young children, which involves the unexpected variation of strength. Along with social media, society has put a big emphasis on cyber bullying. A third way to handle the situation is to tell a trusted adult or teacher, but for this to work the adult must know how to deal with the situation appropriately.

While bullying may have an bully on teens, how does cyberbullying have an effect a victim? None of the trademark holders are affiliated with this website.